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The Focus Group

What happens if you mix a debate with a role-play?

I’ll do my best to avoid being too political in this post, but I think we should all agree, here at the outset, that there is no shortage of opinions in the world today.  It certainly feels like various views (however fact-based they may be) are also becoming much more emotionally charged than maybe they have been in the past; at least it certainly seems like rational and meaningful debate is in increasingly short supply.  I was looking for a way I could exploit some of this … erm … enthusiasm in the ELT classroom without it ruffling too many feathers.  Can it be done?


  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • presenting opinions with varying degrees of emotion
  • critical reading and thinking skills
  • empathy and seeing others’ viewpoints
  • learner autonomy


  • Level (CEFR High B2-C2)
  • Ages 12 yrs. and older

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