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The Focus Group

What happens if you mix a debate with a role-play?

I’ll do my best to avoid being too political in this post, but I think we should all agree, here at the outset, that there is no shortage of opinions in the world today.  It certainly feels like various views (however fact-based they may be) are also becoming much more emotionally charged than maybe they have been in the past; at least it certainly seems like rational and meaningful debate is in increasingly short supply.  I was looking for a way I could exploit some of this … erm … enthusiasm in the ELT classroom without it ruffling too many feathers.  Can it be done?


  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • presenting opinions with varying degrees of emotion
  • critical reading and thinking skills
  • empathy and seeing others’ viewpoints
  • learner autonomy


  • Level (CEFR High B2-C2)
  • Ages 12 yrs. and older

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Wits and Wagers

TEFLGamer does not condone teachers using gambling in the EFL classroom as an additional revenue stream.


  • Numbers, years, percentages, weights and measures
  • speculation
  • hedging (sounding less certain)


  • Level (CEFR A2-C1)
  • Ages 12 and older


For the EFL / ESL classroom, Wits and Wagers is an excellent fit.  At it’s heart, it’s a party trivia game where knowing the right answer isn’t as important as knowing who in the room is most likely to know the answer.  Straight out of the box, there will be giggles galore when you bring this one to class.

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If you haven’t heard of the game Pandemic, then you should have.  The game has relatively simple rules and is as challenging as it is involving.  As a cooperative game, the players have to use teamwork to try and beat the game before it beats them.
<SPOILER ALERT> It is going to beat them.


  • the names of nations and places.
  • polite suggesting, agreeing and disagreeing as part of collaborative decision making.
  • using real conditionals for speculating about solutions to problems.


  • Intermediate learners and up (CEFR B1-C2)
  • Ages 12+


In Pandemic, players cooperate to save humankind from four aggressive and fatal diseases.  They have to work together closely, use their unique abilities and carefully plan their moves if they want to be successful in finding the four cures and winning the game.

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