So vs. Such Dice

Snip, snip.  A bit of glue.  Job done.

Bringing a bit of craft to the classroom for younger learners.  These dice addi a bit of personalisation to practising so and such with adjectives.  A little bit of imagination, a couple of cuts, a dab of glue and hey presto!


  • so + adjective + that …
  • such an + adjective + noun


  • Level (CEFR A2-B2)
  • Ages 9 yrs. and older

This activity is best used with younger learners after looking at so/such with adjecives.  This little game


You will need (per pair):

  • the two handouts below (a six-sided – d6 – so/such die and an eight-sided – d8 – adjective die)
  • 2 pairs of scissors
  • glue
  • 20-30 minutes of class time
  1. Put the students into pairs
  2. Students brainstorm 8 of their most interesting adjectives.
  3. The students write the adjectives on each side of the d8.
  4. One student cuts out the d8 and the other the d6 before sticking it together.
  5. Pairs exchange adjective dice with other pairs.
  6. The teacher sets a topic for the round.  Each student must roll both dice before making sentence that is somehow connected to the topic.  i.e. Topic = FOOD.  Student A rolls SO and BEAUTIFUL and says “The cake was so beautiful that I didn’t want to eat it”.
  7. Each student can claim 2 points for each sentence they produce.  If they hesitate for longer than 10 seconds, but they can produce a sentence, they get one point.  If the sentence is not relevant to the topic, then no points.
  8. After a few minutes, the teacher changes the topic and students exchange dice.
  9. Repeat for as many rounds as desired.


A quick and easy DIY dice-chucker for younger learners!  The game itself also works well with adults and older learners, however, you’d need to make enough dice yourself as grown-ups tend to be a bit funny about using safety scissors and glue.


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